‘Cuda Graveyard (pt.II) Mostly MoPower

Chasing down an incidental Craigslist lead, I drove northbound on the highway for 2.5 hours in hopes of rescuing a pair of Plymouth ‘Cudas. Upon discovering the eroded E-bodies were beyond my means, I wasted no time asking the owner if he knew of any other old Mopars in the area. Coincidentally, he informed us we were just a few miles away from a nearby junkyard known as Mostly MoPower. Now that sounded like our speed.

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‘Cuda Graveyard

I’m always on the hunt for old iron, whether it’s tucked away in the corner of a barn gathering boxes and dust, or has been shoved outside and left-for-dead. Pursuing every lead that falls into my path, my quest for Chryslers always seem to elicit long-winded adventures. A few weeks back, a simple Craigslist search spiraled into a 300 mile long escapade that lead me to dozens of abandoned Mopars

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MCACN 2018

It’s no secret that recent years have been grim for many car shows. Meets that used to be considered “the party of the year” in the Mopar community have reported steadily declining attendance, and with every passing year the passion supporting these events seems to fade further away. Maybe this is why I was so overwhelmed with my first experience at The Muscle Car and Corvette Nationals!

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High Impact Colors

For years theories have spread as to why Chrysler launched their optional “high impact” colors in 1969. Could it have been a booming economy allowing the production of frivolous extras? Society’s newfound desire for individuality? Or maybe it’s just as simple as too much ditch weed and brown acid? Whatever the case, it’s unique features like these that have always made Chrysler stand out and generations of Mopar-nuts are thankful.  Continue reading

Dodge at SEMA 2018

I can’t idly sit by and ignore the Hell-ephant in the room, let’s talk about Dodge stampeding into the 2018 SEMA show with their all new HEMI crate engine. While GM totes an electric concept car and Ford displays a few non-production pick-up trucks, Chrysler goes full throttle by unleashing the all new HELLEPHANT! Because the 707 horse “HELLCRATE” engine released at last year’s SEMA just wasn’t enough, Dodge is upping the ante again with 1,000 horsepower and 950 lbs of torque delivered to your door. No that’s not a typo, yes you read that right. We’re talking quadruple digits of raw power out of the box. This record shattering new crate motor isn’t just out to hurt feelings, with it’s four hundred and twenty six cubic inches of muscle it pays homage to the famed second generation 426 HEMI that all of us Mopar-nuts lust after.
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