5 Cheap Mopars Even YOU Can Afford

The rich smell of a thermoquad carburetor, the pleasant rumble of a 440 big block, the tingling in your spine as you tightly wrap your fist around a pistol grip shifter; you know you’re a Mopar guy at heart but your wallet doesn’t. The days of scoring driver quality Mopar muscle cars seem to be long gone (where are all these $500 Super Bees and Road Runners that the older generations speak of?). While you sit around reminiscing about the glory days and drooling over six figure ‘Cudas and Chargers other gearheads are snatching up this generation’s low buck Mopars. Continue reading

Dodge Girls Have More Fun Too!

If the roar of open headers turns your head, if the aroma of burning rubber excites you, if old Mopars have become more of an addiction than a hobby then please read on. My name is Olivia Anne Crosby and I am launching this site, Dodge Girls Have More Fun, to keep you up to date on all things Mopar. From barn finds to event coverage, opinion pieces, FCA news, and more! The Dodge Girls will make sure you don’t miss a beat.  Continue reading